Tuesday, August 29, 2017


As we have mentioned to many of you, singing has been one of the hardest things for us to catch on to at our Cambodian church. The songs are Khmer tunes with Khmer words, and because of the way Cambodians pronounce words differently when they speak and when they sing, it's very hard for us to learn a song without seeing the words.

A good example of this is the offering song at our church. Every week we sing the same song as the offering bag goes around. Unlike when we sing at the beginning of the service, though, we don't use the hymnals to sing this song. Everyone knows it by memory. We picked up a phrase or two per verse, but after a year and a half we really wanted to learn that song.

We noticed that guests from other churches would always know and sing along to the song, so we figured the song must be fairly well known. Now that we have a teacher who is working with us on Christian language, we asked him about song. He knew it also and brought us a copy of the lyrics.

We are still working to commit the whole song completely to memory, but we now understand it all and can sing along for at least most of the verses. Now that we know the title of the song, we can even find YouTube versions of the song. For a peek at what offering time at our church is like, here's a video we found of a Cambodian house church singing Dong-vay Khnom Thway: