Wednesday, August 2, 2017


As you walk or ride around Phnom Penh, there are lots of places that smell, well, not so great. There is, however, one smell that I love when walking down the street near our house. 

Several months before we left to go to the States, these orange juice stands started popping up all over the city. I'm happy to say that they are still everywhere and seem to be doing a good business. There's nothing like the smell of fresh citrus as you walk down the street. We will often buy a bottle of it and drink it mixed with club soda or, like tonight, add it to our stir-fry for some orange chicken. 

The oranges here come from near Battambang in northwestern Cambodia. Actually, in Khmer, the color orange is called "orange juice" perhaps because the peels of Cambodian oranges are green. The taste is usually a little more sour and a little less sweet than Florida oranges, but we love it.