Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Have you heard us mention how full our time in the US was? (If not, maybe start here.) It was jam-packed with goodness. To give you a taste, here is a bit of a photo round up of our time in the US. We were so busy soaking it all up that we forgot to take but a few pictures, so if you happen to have some good ones we missed, we would love for you to email them to us!

We loved feeling surrounded by natureeven in the middle of cities like Fort Worthwhich is something we so miss living in the concrete jungle of Phnom Penh

Of course, we ate a lot of good home cooking and all the food we can't get in Cambodia (like berries)
In Texas we got to see family graduations, visit alma maters, take in a small town USA parade and, of course, spend a lot of time on the open road 

In Colorado we got to play in the snow (that's Khmer script), do a bit of hiking and exploring art museums, and share in lots of different settings about our new lives in Cambodia

We also had a lot of fun using our brains and exploring the new phenomenon of "escape rooms" with friends and family

A big highlight of our time was getting to worship in our native language in so many different settings

We also got to explore North Carolina for the first time, see a close friend at Duke
and get to know new partners in Winston-Salem.

Of course, our very favorite part of being Stateside was getting to spend time with so many of you!