Friday, March 10, 2017


As of today, we have both completed our multi-hour Khmer language placement exams (!). We've been reviewing and getting tutoring in the weeks leading up to this examination, which will give us a thorough look at what we are and are not yet able to do in the Khmer languageeven down to the specific sounds we can and can't yet make correctly. We won't get the results for a while and will continue to take private lessons, but we are excited to finally have a bit of space in our brains to let you know some upcoming news:

We are headed back to the US for a few months soon! Actually, very soon.

We will arrive in Texas on April 5th and stay for 3 months, flying back to Cambodia on July 5th. While we have both lived overseas for extended periods of time and returned home before, this will be the first time we make a trip back to the United States together on "home assignment" before going back to the field. We've been busy in the last few weeks wrapping our minds around just a few of the details involved (and ok...maybe we have started a "to eat" list also!). We still have many things to iron out, but we wanted to let you all know and to share our rough schedule.

April 5-13th we will be in Fort Worth where we will mostly be seeing family and getting over jetlag.
April 13th-May 12th we will be in Colorado.
May 12th-Mid June we will be visiting with our partners in Texas, including some time on and around June 11th in Abilene.
On and around June 25th we will be in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.
On and around June 27th-July 1st we will be in Atlanta, GA.
Finally, July 2-5th we will be back in DFW with family (and packing!).

It will likely be another 2 years before we head to the US again, so we've got lots of plans for our time home, including visiting doctors, meetings, stocking up on supplies, speaking in churches, hopefully getting some time away in the mountains, eating our mamas' cooking and most importantly, connecting with YOU. We are excited to see as many of you as possible and share about the work we are doing here and some of the changes in our lives and ministry over the last year and a half. So, while we still have 4 busy weeks left here in Cambodia before we head to the States, we are getting more excited to see you all by the day!