Wednesday, February 1, 2017


Today in class we went on a field trip with our teachers to take in some famous buildings around Phnom Penh. We have heard quite a bit about architect Vann Molyvann and seen some of his work (such as Independence Monument), but it was great to take in a few other buildings he built around the city and to think about what Phnom Penh was like in the 1960s. 

Below, see a few photos from Olympic Stadium. There have never been any Olympic games held in Cambodia. The stadium was built in 1963-64 as a facility for the Southeast Asian Games. Unfortunately, war broke out and the games in Cambodia were canceled. Now Olympic Stadium is still used regularly: as a soccer stadium for Cambodian teams, but also as a place for people to exercise on its track and participate in dance/aerobics classes throughout the facility in the evenings. 

We have been wanting to work up the nerve to show up and peek around the stadium for a while now, so it was a lot of fun to go with our teachers and classmates today. The only problem was that while walking around the ball courts and stadiums we got a craving for hot dogs, nachos and chili pies. ; )