Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Our cooler rainy season weather seemed to dry up as soon as we mentioned it. Finally, we are back to getting lots of rain and a few cooler days, but let's face it, even Cambodia's cooler seasons are hot. There's lots of sweating going on, and it's very easy to get dehydrated. We learned that drinking fresh green coconuts is a great way to combat dehydration. Coconuts have even got the nickname "nature's Gatorade."

We tried them soon after we got here when we were feeling a bit sick, and...we were not impressed! Thankfully we tried them again later and enjoyed the coconut water much more (it definitely helps if the coconut is cold). Since then we have been grabbing them whenever we see coconuts being sold from the side of the road. 

Usually the person selling them will just lop the top off of the green coconut with a machete and hand it to you, but one of the sellers in our neighborhood is sure that we like for him to dump the fresh coconut water into a plastic bag for us. That works, too!

A refreshing bag of coconut water