Wednesday, October 12, 2016


Last month during our module off/"summer" break at language school we got a chance to get out of Phnom Penh for a while. The main reason was to see familyLauren's brother, sister-in-law and nephew actually live in a bordering country. We got a chance to see them, celebrate our nephew's 3rd birthday and learn about the work they are doing there first hand.

A portion of the farm cleared and ready for baby trees. 

As a part of Underground Coffee International, they are working to develop coffee farmers in a rural village. The goal of their work is to strengthen the local economy by training farmers in how to grow high quality organic coffee while at the same time encouraging and supporting the work of the local church in their village. Funds from the coffee they sell in the US goes back into supporting their work in country.

Their temporary office while they work on building their coffee processing facility.

We had a great time seeing their work first hand! We got a farm tour and visited nearby waterfalls, learned about coffee varieties, saw the newly built local church and got to taste some great coffee. It was a great break from Phnom Penh!

If you are interested in learning about Underground Coffee, you can check out their website