Wednesday, June 29, 2016


After one of the worst droughts in Cambodia's recorded history, rainy season has started roughly on time this year and not late as many people feared. This is very good news for Cambodian farmers, but we are pretty excited about it, too! (Thank you to those of you who prayed for rain!)

The weather is cooler, which is wonderful, but after months of unending hot, sunny days, we are also just thankful for a change in season. Storms roll in just about every afternoon and typically dissipate by early evening. Thankfully the rains tend to hit around times that we are not moving around the city! When we are out and about in the rain, our tuktuk driver will typically unroll some waterproof curtains around the tuktuk to keep us dry. So far, this has worked surprisingly well!

As a bonus, the cloudy skies have given us some beautiful, stormy sunsets: