Wednesday, May 11, 2016


A while back we had a lesson in language school that included cooking words and general food vocabulary. To help her explain a few of the words, our teacher brought along a few samples to help us understand better. It was a great idea on her part because we have not forgotten those words or those flavors was not our favorite illustration! 

The object on the right is a hunk of bitter melon--a somewhat squash like vegetable that is, you guessed it, bitter. It tasted a lot like a bitter bell pepper. We thought she brought along a few slices of bananas to give us a sweet taste to take the bitter flavor out of our mouths, but we were wrong. They were actually slices of small, unripened bananas. The flavor was shocking. The Khmer word for the flavor is jot, but we translated it sawdusty. A lesson we won't soon forget!