Wednesday, March 2, 2016


We expected lots of things in our lives to be different when we moved to Cambodia, but water was not something we gave too much thought to. We knew you couldn't (or...shouldn't) drink the water straight from the tap in Phnom Penh and had to remember to brush our teeth with bottled water when we visited last January. Still, when we moved here we had to quickly figure out how Cambodia's water impacted the way we did other everyday activities: washing dishes, cleaning produce, cooking, making coffee and just generally drinking to stay hydrated.

Once we figured out what we would need bottled water for, we had to figure out a reasonable way to buy and haul all this water back to our apartment (you are much more aware of how much you use when you are buying and hauling it all in 1.5 liter bottles!). Thankfully, we were tipped off that we could buy water in 20 liter bottles for a dollar (plus a $4 bottle deposit) at most corner shops. The bottles even come with spigots on them. We go through about a bottle and a half per week and try to have a spare on hand. 

Just figuring out these relatively easy details has made us so aware of how much we have taken for granted having clean water accessible straight from the tap!