Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Continuing in our series of showing you the places we have traveled over the last few months: Kep.

After a couple of days in Kampot, we caught a boat down the river and along the coast to Kep (about 2.5 hours to get there). Kep is a small town spread out between the coast of the Gulf of Thailand and the mountains of Kep National Park. There's not much to do in Kep besides eat their famously fresh crab dishes and lounge looking at the oceanwhich was fine by us. We spent our days getting a good dose of nature and R&R.

A highlight of our time on the coast was a day trip to "Rabbit Island" just off the coast. There's not much on the island besides hammocks and a few bamboo bungalows. Surrounded by a warm ocean, palm trees and green mountains, we got to know a part of Cambodia that is completely different from our life in the city!

Exploring Kep's coastal crab market

A sunset and crab for dinner above the market

Crab straight from the ocean cooked with the region's famous Kampot green pepper corns. It took us a couple hours to get it all apart and eat it (we are Texans after all!), but it was hands down the best crab we've had. 

We found this giant centipede in the middle of our path on a walk one day. Kep was also the place we killed our first scorpion in Cambodia--thankfully these are not things we have encountered in the city!

Rabbit Island