Wednesday, June 24, 2015


I've been thinking about our commissioning for a while now. Commissioning has been on all of the timelines we have been working with since we began talking to CBF about international service back in October of last year.  I wasn't sure if it would feel like a completion of childhood dreams or if it would feel anticlimactic knowing that we still have months of fundraising and everyday life at our jobs back in Denver before we leave for Cambodia.

In the end, our commissioning last week was incredibly meaningful. It felt like a threshold moment as we transitioned from one stage of this process to another. Commissioning was a validation of preparations that have been years in the making. Commissioning also made our move to Cambodia feel imminent. We are no longer in training. We are now officially appointed.

Most of all perhaps, commissioning was an affirmation. Around a simple service including a ceremonial hand-washing—hinting at both Jesus washing the disciples' feet and to our baptisms—and an invitation for those present to lay hands on us and pray, our community and our organization surrounded us and blessed this next stage of our journey. We are even more sure this is the right next step for us and even more excited for the adventures to come.

PS. To see some other photos from our commissioning and our time at General Assembly (or to follow us going forward), be sure to check us out on Instagram